Storytelling Magic at Smith Memorial Playground featuring The Princess of Picking Eating Tries New Food

By Smith Memorial Playground & Playhouse (other events)

Tuesday, October 11 2022 4:00 PM 6:00 PM EDT

Join beloved storyteller Thembi Palmer and acclaimed author and nutritionist Stacey Woodson for an unforgettable afternoon of play, movement, storytelling, and food-related crafts all for free at Smith Memorial Playground!

Stacey Woodson will kick off the event with a reading of The Princess of Picking Eating Tries New Food, a book loosely based on Dr. Seuss’s classic, Green Eggs and Ham. The story’s main character only eats foods that begin with the letter “B.” However, a sibling dare prompts her to try foods from other cultures, ranging from Jamaican Callaloo to Bolivian Quinoa. Following the read aloud, interactive storyteller Thembi Palmer will combine music, props, and learning through play activities to inspire a time of exploration and discovery of different foods and cultures. Finally, participants not only will have the opportunity to engage in a fun, vegetable-related craft activity, but they also will have the opportunity to try some of the delicious, allergy-safe foods featured in the story.